LOGO Ambulatory Executor – Turtle Robot

  • Published August 3, 1969
  • By Professor Mike Paterson
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Historical Record of the Turtle Robot Development

In 1969 Professor Mike Paterson was young English Computer Scientist visiting Bolt Beranek and Newman.  Seymour Papert gave him the task of writing a specification for the first educational robot, which was initially referred to as the LOGO ambulatory executor and more prosaically as the Bug.  Later named the Turtle in reference to Grey Walter’s early work with Tortoise Robots.  This is the first of two documents by Mike relating to the development of Turtle Educational Robots.  This document was provided by Wally Feurzeig of BBN Technologies who led the project that invented Logo.



The Turtle was Seymour Papert’s invention. Mike Paterson worked with him to produce the specifications.


logothings – a site containing historical documents and the recollections of Cynthia Solomon who was intimately involved in the original development of Logo  and Turtle robots.

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