A Robot for All

SERP (Special Education Robot Project)

Teachers and educators quickly took the opportunity to explore what Turtle robots had to offer Special Education Needs (SEN).  The same happened with Roamer.  Within a few months of the Classic Roamer’s launch, Valiant got reports of SEN applications for their new robot.  It seems obvious that technology has a lot to offer.  Yet, teachers had to adapt mainstream technology to meet student’s needs.   The diversity of special needs presented a challenging design problem.  Valiant Technology took the first step in resolving this issue with SERP (Special Educational Robot Project).  They sponsored several practising special education teachers working for their master’s degrees to evaluate the Roamer as a SEN asset.  Their brief: review the Classic Roamer as a SEN Teaching Aid and report on how to make it better suited for the task.  Running the course at Canterbury Christ Church College, Mike Blamires, was familiar with both Turtle and Roamer robots oversaw the production of these reports.   Because of this work, Valiant launched the SEROTA project which led to them to develop the current Roamer.  This robot forms the basis of a SEN solution.

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