The Roamer: An Object for Re-Adapting in the Case of Adolescents with a Cranial Trauma

A report from France on how Roamer was used to help a student brain damaged in a car accident.  They had lost the ability to do basic mathematics.  Attempts to re-teach them were met with aggression.  Roamer helped to solve this problem and enabled the student to accept the situation and work with his teachers.

See also: Réadaptation scolaire d’adolescents traumatisés crâniens perspectives dans les situations mathématiques, 1 May 2004 by Christian Sarralié

Professor Sarrali was the head of CNFEI – Centre national d’études et de formation pour l’enfance inadaptée (National Center for Studies and Training for Adolescent Children) based in Paris. 

CNFEI trained special needs educators.

He now works at

Centrede Recherches Education et Formation (CREF – EA 1589) Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

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