Using Therapeutic Robots to Teach Children with Autism in the Classroom

  • Published March 30, 2014
  • By Katharina I. Boser, Corinna E. Lathan, Charlotte Safos, Rita Shewbridge, Carole Samango-Sprouse, and Marek Michalowski
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Exploring Research and Innovation

This is Chapter 5 from Technology Tools for Students with Autism: Innovations that Enhance Independence and Learning by Katharina I. Boser, Ph.D., Matthew S. Goodwin, Ph.D., & Sarah C. Wayland, Ph.D Brookes Publishing 2014.  The authors explore how robots supplement, improve and enhance the learning of special needs students.  They emphasize focus on the potential for robots to allow greater independence and differentiation for students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in classrooms that use the Universal Design for Learning approach for developing curriculum.  The chapter reviews several robots including CosmoBot, which uses Roamer as a base.

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