An Introduction to Logo and Turtle Geometry

  • Published February 27, 1986
  • By Seymour Papert with comments by Dave Catlin

Seymour Papert Gives a Lesson on Logo and Turtles Geometry

This is a glimpse of Seymour introducing Logo and Turtle Geometry. The videos were taken from Seymour Papert on Logo a video series made by William and Elizabeth Schwartz, Ladue, Missouri.

Introducing the Screen Turtle

Here Papert introduces the simplicity of the Turtle idea.

Extending the Idea

Now Papert shows how quickly you can use this simple idea to explore geometric ideas.

Body Geometry or Body Synconicity

Papert explains the connection between the Turtle and body geometry (technically called body Synconicity).   The ERA Principle of Embodiment claims this connection is stronger between student and physical robot compared with that of student and screen Turtle.

Exploring with Logo

What I like about this video is Seymour shows that Logo and Turtles do not simply explain mathematical and coding ideas: they encourage students to explore.  The spirit of “What if we did this?” is at the heart of educational robots.


The On Logo and On LogoWriter videos are copyright Media Microworlds Inc.



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