Seymour Papert on Logo

  • Published March 6, 2017
  • By Seymour Papert

Seymour Papert Brief Lessons on Logo and Turtle Geometry

In 1986 Seymour Papert, the “father of Logo,” collaborated with award-winning film maker William Schwartz and Elizabeth Schwartz, who was Assistant Superintendent of the Ladue, Missouri School District, to produce Seymour Papert On Logo.

Introducing the Turtle

Papert introduces the basic idea of the Turtle.

Extending Logo Ideas

Here Papert explains how you can use the simple Turtle idea to explore standard geometric ideas.

Body Synconicity

Seymour explains the connection between the body and the movement of the Turtle.

The Power of Exploration

Logo and Turtle’s are all about giving children the confidence to explore ideas.  What happens if we do this is a constant question.

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