Classroom Maker Projects and User Bots

Using Roamer in Maker Projects

Catlin, D. (2019, November 20). Classroom Maker Projects and User Bots. Fablearn Conference Italy 2019 Ancona.


The EduRobot Taxonomy identifies three basic types of education robots: Build, User and Social Robots.  As its title implies, we associate Build Robots with maker-projects where students mainly learn from making a robot.  Students learn with User Robots, like Turtles, by using them to solve problems and engage with invaluable experiences.  However, just as you can make a Turtle robot from a Build Robot, you can utilise some User Robots as platforms for maker-projects.  This paper reviews thirty years of maker-projects involving User Robots.  I’ll present examples from different continents, cultures and social-economic groups.   Although I’ll cite a few research projects, this isn’t a research-driven paper.  It’s chiefly a report on the work of experienced classroom teachers delivering regular lessons to students aged between 4 and 18-years-old.  It explains how they used robots and maker ideas to meet curriculum objectives for students of varying abilities.  Using this evidence, we’ll gain a broad appreciation of classroom maker-projects featuring User Robots and glean a few helpful tips you might find useful.  We’ll also detect the authenticity of this bottom-up approach – it shows what happens when experienced teachers use robots effectively.

Conference Proceedings in Press.  Full text version available on request.

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