29 Effective Ways You Can Use Robots in the Classroom

  • Published April 21, 2017
  • By Dave Catlin

An Explanation of ERA Pedagogical Principle

Catlin and Blamires proposed the “Educational Robotic Application (ERA) Principles”. These 10 principles give researchers, designers, educators and teachers a way of evaluating and comparing educational robots and their activities.  The ‘Pedagogical Principle’ was one of these ideas. It stated you could use many different developmental theories to view and describe the learning involved.  It also identified 28 (now 29) different ways you could use a robot in a classroom.  Catlin and Blamires did not give a satisfactory explanation of the these methods.  This paper corrects this.


Dave presented this paper at the Edurobotics Conference, 25th November, 2016, Athens, Greece.


Dave’s Conference Presentation:

29 Effective Ways You Can Use Robots in the Classroom from Dave Catlin on Vimeo.


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