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The Roamer: An Object for Re-Adapting in the Case of Adolescents with a Cranial Trauma

A report from France on how Roamer was used to help a student brain damaged in a car accident.  They had lost the ability to do basic mathematics.  Attempts to re-teach them were met with aggression.  Roamer helped to solve this problem and enabled the student to accept is situation and work with teachers. (more…)

Réflexions à l

  • Published January 1, 1996
  • By Eric Greff
Greff, E. (1996) Réflexions à l\’issue du 5ème Colloque Francophone de Didactique de l\’Informatique, Sciences et Techniques Éducatives, Vol. 3, n°2, Éditions Hermès, 1996, pp. 265-268.