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The Roamer: An Object for Re-Adapting in the Case of Adolescents with a Cranial Trauma

A report from France on how Roamer was used to help a student brain damaged in a car accident.  They had lost the ability to do basic mathematics.  Attempts to re-teach them were met with aggression.  Roamer helped to solve this problem and enabled the student to accept the situation and work with his teachers. (more…)

How Roamer Helps You with NCTM Math Standards

Roamer Enriches Mathematics Teaching

The Classic Roamer came out in 1989 – the same year NCTM published their first Standards.  Around 1995 we’d gathered enough experience to match how Roamer worked with those Standards.  Of course, the Standards have changed and people still argue about the best way to teach mathematics.  Yet the maths hasn’t changed and Roamer’s ideas still work.

The Logo Memos

An Index to MITs Research on Logo and Turtle Graphics

The Logo Memos were a series of Research Papers written by various people at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab from October 1971 to December 1981.

This list was compiled by Andru Luvisi.