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Emotional Communications in Robots

  • Published October 6, 2006
  • By Matthew Walker and Dave Catlin
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The Soft Side of Roamer

This white paper explores some of the emerging technologies which we can add to Roamer.  It answers some of the issues arising from SERP by extending Roamer’s ability to engage students.  Roamer’s modular design allows you to create robots to suit your educational  goals. (more…)

About Procedural Computing: The Roamer Robot

Evaluating  the Use of  Roamer in Special Education in France

This paper reviews the problematic history of Logo and Turtle robots in France.  However, Daniel Jacquet and colleagues at the CNFEI (Centre National d’études et de Formation pour l’Enfance Inadaptée) decided to evaluate Roamer as a tool for use in special education.  This White Paper presents their findings. (more…)