Roamer Robot in Portugal

A Report on Practical Use of Educational Robots

In Portugal, CNOTINFOR team is training teachers and other professionals to use the Roamer robot on their classes or therapy groups.  But this work had started some years ago, when the Education Ministry of Portugal begun a project called MINERVA that had train many teachers to used ICT in their classrooms. All software was Logo based, with a turtle. One of the ICT available tools was Roamer robot.  Today CNOTINFOR sells Roamer Robot in Portugal, but all the training and support projects that involve the use of this robot in an innovative way. In this document we will show examples of what have been done with Roamer Robot in Portugal and what many people think about it. It is important to mention that many schools are at the moment buying Roamer Robot because the Ministry of Education had certificate it as an important tool for education.

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