Roamer Research Programme

Not all the available research is currently included in the library.  We are gradually loading the content over the next few months.
The Roamer research is a multi-strand on-going effort.  You find the results of this work in the Research Library.  We are aware of the various debates relating to educational research.  You can review our position on this issue in the Education Research Tab.  The library and other sources of information provides what we consider relevant information.

Library Content

You can use the categories below to search for specific articles.   Alternatively use a keyword search to find tagged articles.

1 Books A bibliography of books that are directly relevant to educational robots, or provide important background information
2 Conference Papers Papers delivered at educational conferences, particularly educational robotic conferences
3 Dissertations Academic theses relevant to Roamer, Turtle, Logo, etc.
4 Government Reports Important reports or documents issued by governments
5 Historical Documents Somet documtents of historical significance
6 Journals Scientific Journals
7 Magazine Articles Articles that have appeared in various magazines over the years and articles of interesting or supportive relevance
8 Online References A number of articles published in online journals and various sites
9 Papers (Not Reviewed) Extensions or up dates of various papers or journal articles (not peer reviewed)
10 Peer Reviewed Papers Papers that have been peer reviewed
11 Presentations Presentations about Roamer or related subjects
12 Product Reviews Product reviews including reviews of Turtles and Classic Roamer
13 Screencasts A link to a site that plays a relevant video
14 Uncategorised Miscellaneous Materials
15 Videos A variety of interesting and supportive videos

Note there is a substantial number of articles in French.

Other Sources of Information

You should check out:

Also link to Dave Catlin on Research Gate

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